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Land Reclamation in Nigeria

We have undertaken various dredging and reclamation projects in different parts of Nigeria. In many cases, the projects have involved associated reclamation works and in some instances, the main purpose of dredging has been to provide source materials for reclamation.

Our projects include the creation of new navigation channels or deepening of existing channels, port basins, and vessel turning circles, trenches for tunnels and pipelines, and the creation of new land areas for various forms of infrastructure development. Reclamation techniques that we employ are dependent upon the type of natural materials found at the site and we have successfully employed soil replacement, soil strengthening, vertical drains and surcharging, and deep compaction techniques to provide reclaimed land of the required engineering capabilities. Environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important and we are experienced in developing projects in consultation with environmental agencies and in using techniques that will minimize environmental impact and provide a uniquely sustainable solution.

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