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Fitzpatrick’s Limited is a is a one stop vehicle for distinct projects that leverage on the company’s heritage of more than 25 years of dredging experience. This heritage includes various dredging and reclamation projects from start to finish: capital dredging and maintenance works in Koko Shore protection project, wetland sand-filling in various environmental conditions. Fitzpatrick’s Limited believes in relentless investment in its own people, facilities and machinery and prides itself as possessing a treasured human capacity base at its disposal with well over 300 cumulative dredging experience. We are on a sustainable quest for new opportunities and solutions. Our core staff, associates and partners are carefully.


Fitzpatrick’s Limited has the requisite competency to provide; a. Detailed description of proposed dredging location. b. Environmental Impact Analysis Report. c. Hydrographic Survey. d. Bathymetric Survey of the proposed location. Which form the key elements for government approval for any land reclamation project.


Fitzpatrick’s Limited offers extensive and diversified experience in dredging consultancy with extensive expertise in marine infrastructure, wetland remediation, sand stockpiling and dredging infrastructure leasing. Fitzpatrick’s Limited has a crew of specialized and highly qualified consultancy professionals in the fields of strategic planning, quality assurance, management and engineering. The strength of Fitzpatrick’s Limited multi-disciplinary consultants is that it can offer solutions to complex problems, whereby the emphasis is upon quality, transparency, delivery and reliability. Fitzpatrick’s Limited is dedicated to shaping sustainable smart city themed living environment, integrating its energy, water, infrastructure, building and mobility needs. Our immediate footprint is within the Lagos and Niger Delta region of Nigeria.


Fitzpatrick’s Limited is optimized to provide cutting edge marine construction services for the Lagos and Niger Delta area of Nigeria. The ramped up demand for such services as shoreline protection, Dock Installation, Seawall Installation, Shoreline Stabilization and ancillary support services provides an exciting opportunity for the highly under served Nigerian market . Our strategy is to leverage our extensive reach, knowledgeable personnel, resource persons, affiliates and knowledge base to plug the glaring gap between identified service demands and the lack of capacity to provide world class services. In fulfilling our vision, we are mindful of the need to act in a responsible manner that safeguards the environment, creates jobs and career paths for the teeming youth population of Nigeria. At Fitzpatrick’s Limited we believe that these are exciting times.


The general terrain of the Lagos and Niger Delta area of Nigeria is largely comprised of wetlands, yet these areas support massive population densities. The direct effect of the above is that sand would be a most sought after commodity for the erection of habitable buildings that would support this population density and its projected exponential growth. It is thus a no-brainer that immense sand stockpiling opportunities would exist within our area of activity. Fitzpatrick’s Limited is however dedicated to striking a balance between the commercial opportunities and the responsible utilization of these scarce resources. It is thus our over riding interest that we practice and encourage industry players to subscribe to the dictates of genuine environmental safe guards as prescribed by the government.


A key challenge in the dredging industry revolves around the mobilization and demobilization of dredging equipment to and fro project sites. The need for specialized movement of massive dredging equipment through inland waterways, land or sea for disparate dredge sites is a job that requires extensive high level technical supervision. Fitzpatrick’s Limited has understood the need for this service within its area of focus and is poised to provide a solution that conforms to all known international standards. Our key resource persons, have over the years, evolved the patent awaiting Triple Plan Template (TPT) that takes into consideration the concordant Safety, Efficiency and Goods-in-Transit (GIT) Insurance requirements of any equipment deployment. Fitzpatrick’s Limited is guarantees the cost effective and seamless deployment of any equipment to and from any site in line with international best practices.

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